Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Arkansas Fashion School is proud of Designer Deborah Bass.

I am Deborah Bass and I have recently graduated from Arkansas Fashion School. I had a good experience at the school learning how to sketch/create, couture and drape my own patterns and designs. Mrs. Kamran always made herself available for instruction as well as any questions that I had and she seems to love teaching her students and encouraging us to stay focused so that we could master the course work. She would always remind me and other students if we didn't stay focused and complete your assignments we would have trouble mastering the program. I am a strong believer in staying focused and completing my assignments because if I don't, I would only be hurting myself and I can only blame myself for that. I am very thankful that the State of Arkansas has a design school in Little Rock. "Kudos!!!" to you Jamileh Kamran Designer Couturiere!!!!
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