Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year! Wishing everyone the best of health and prosperity in the year 2014 and all the years ahead.
I am humble to find this picture of my deisgn on Mrs. Clinton.This brings good memories back.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Arkansas Fashion School wishes all Happy New Year. Looking forward to more productive year in 2014. Happy New Year.

The year 2013 has been such a successful year for Arkansas Fashion School.  Great talented students graduated with honor.  Looking forward to more success on 2014.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Young Designer at Arkansas Fashion School

(Abby in the blue dress)

Abby is our youngest student in the Arkansas Fashion School. In this photo, she is show casing her own creation which she designed for 2013 graduation as Shonda, Hope, and Eric graduate. She is very young and talented.   Abby is going to graduate next year from Arkansas Fashion School ready to show the world her passion for fashion.  Abby has great future ahead of her in fashion world.

Our student moves to the fashion world!

( Shonda, left to her beautiful design)

Shonda had just graduated from our Arkansas Fashion School,  on November 9th. She is a great designer ready to show her style to the world! I am glad to have the opportunity to teach such a creative student. She has been in many shows including the Designers Choice Fashion Preview and Little Rock Fashion Week. I'm excited to see how she will do in the big world of fashion. Also, she was selected as Designer of the year.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

2013 Designers Choice Fashion Preview

It is wonderful to see all the winning students creations come to life for the April 6, 2013 Designers Choice Fashion Preview! We are excited about the upcoming show and seeing some of our students very first runway shows ever!  Check out our new promotional video's including interviews from these 5 Winning Students!

 We look forward to seeing these talented students on the runway April 6th!  To purchase your tickets for the show and help support our students please go to http://dcfplr2013-es2004.eventbrite.com/?rank=1

Friday, March 1, 2013

Online Courses

We have had wonderful feed back about our first online course, "Introduction to Fashion Design", we are now excited to announce the launch of our second online course, "The Art of Basic Sewing"! The past few months we have been working on creating a new book for this new online course. Also, we have setup our online course and a Skype account to better aid our students taking online courses.

Attempting to breakdown the lessons students are taught in the Basic Sewing class here on campus of the Arkansas Fashion School, our online course goes step by step in teaching each lesson so the students can fully understand the true basics of sewing. This isn't your typical "Basic Sewing" course this course is essential in teaching the basics of Couture Sewing! During this course students learn many important detail work that goes into building a garment, such as how to sew: Princess Darts, Waistbands, Zippers and many other important detail work. This course is essential for any future Fashion Designer!

Since our course is new and has not yet been tested, we would like to offer the first 50 new students to sign up for "The Art of Basic Sewing" a 20% discount. This offer only lasts until March 15, 2013 so apply with us today at http://arkansasfashionschool.com/apply/. To receive the 20% discount on the online Basic Sewing course just mention this promotion at the time of payment.

Friday, February 22, 2013

testimony of our student Erik Sellers

  Find our latest addition of testimonies from one of our wonderful young student with great future in fashion industry.  Erik will be designing for men and woman.  We wish Mr. Sellers the best of luck  http://arkansasfashionschool.com/testimonials/

Friday, February 15, 2013

About Jamileh Kamran and the Arkansas Fashion School

“I look at every aspect of your life, whether it is personal or business, to design an individual style that’s right for you.” Jamileh Kamran
For over 40 years Jamileh Kamran, owner of Jamileh Kamran Designs, has dedicated her career to fashion and along the way has not only made a name for herself locally, but also nationwide. Kamran’s philosophy “you cannot find two persons alike” is evident in her approach to each design.
Kamran’s impressive lists of clients include attorneys, judges, business owners and politicians. “These groups need more professional outfits which will be an investment toward their careers,” notes Kamran. It can take a minimum of three weeks for clients to receive their final pieces, because, as Kamran acknowledges, “you will never find my creations being mass produced.”
Ms. Vann Ackers of Little Rock, who has been a loyal client and close friend for over four years, cannot sing Kamran’s praises enough.
“Four years ago I came home from a trip to Paris and came to Jamileh to do alterations on a couture dress only to discover Paris was in my back yard,” said Ms. Ackers. “It does not matter if it is formal or informal, dresses or pants; Jamileh’s clothes are always perfect for what I need.”
Ackers contributes Kamran’s success due to her hands on approach. “Jamileh personally selects all the fabrics in her store, consults with her client every step of the way, and is hands-on in the in the design process,” says Ackers. “Her clothes are one of kind and just absolutely beautiful.”
Ms. Kamran, who was born in Iran, knew she would always be involved in fashion. ”I have always loved fashion, even at six years old I was cutting fabric out for my dolls. I was born with the passion for color and design, so the rest just naturally followed.” By age 13, Kamran began taking courses on fabric and design. “I took courses, but more than anything it was a combination of practice and passion that fueled my desire to succeed in fashion design,” says Kamran.
In August of 1978, Kamran moved to the United States and started practicing fashion and creating wardrobe for the most propionate ladies in Arkansas.
Kamran met Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton at a local runway show where Kamran was showcasing her designs and Clinton, who at the time was the First Lady of Arkansas, was the MC of the show. “Hillary was one of my very first clients,” says Kamran.
Kamran designed for Ms. Hillary Rodham Clinton, Secretary of state, throughout the years when she was the first lady of Arkansas and also during the presidential inauguration of 1992-1993.

Founded in 2007, the Jamileh Kamran Arkansas Fashion School is like no other fashion design program in the United States!  It is a unique way to pursue your dreams of becoming a Fashion Designer.  
The Fashion Study program offers 9 courses that will take the student through all aspects of planning and creating timeless fashions.  Learning the art of fashion design and construction from Jamileh Kamran means that students will be able to accomplish their dreams in fashion, construction, tailoring, and sewing!   Each course lasts 8 weeks with students attending class once a week for 4 hours.  Upon completion of the 9 courses, graduates will receive a diploma and be able to create their own lines, open their own businesses, or work for other designers.
To learn more about our school find us at http://arkansasfashionschool.com/